Why not write a blog?

Hello readers in the ether.  

Sound of the wind in the trees.  The onomotopoetic definition of HESHWESH, a word from the Maltese that I have carried with me since I was 21.  

Now at 45, I find myself listening to that same wind in different trees, and wondering about its speed, its strength, its power to lift, and its power to blow us down.  The wind as a force of change, climate change, the future, the world, the trees, the rains, the landscapes physical and social that my children, and maybe their children, are going to inherit.

I have been saying for several years that I would like to illustrate a book about climate change for children, a book that could sit with questions rather than answer them– because there are not answers now.  I have nothing to tell my kids that could reassure them really.   So the questions: that’s what I hope will surface if I write with words.  And from the questions, well, maybe then some reassurance, direction, or focus at least.

Hence, this blog, thanks to a friend Nicola Baird (her inspiring blog http://aroundbritainnoplane.blogspot.com )  who suggested I write one as a way to get started.  She said, one thought a day, if that ‘s all there is.  I am going to try this.


3 Responses to “Why not write a blog?”

  1. nicola baird Says:

    Annie, can’t wait for next post. I anticipate a lot to enjoy. lol Nicola

  2. Beth Trigg Says:

    Hurrah, Annie Levy! I am so looking forward to reading your writings. Welcome to the Land of Blog!

  3. Maddie Bain Says:

    Annie I would love that book, as would so many others. I think you have a lot to tell children that would reassure them. Children are reassured by truth, I believe this, and that even if that truth is a question or an uncertainty.

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