“Four degrees Celcius by the middle of this century”

Thus spoke the radio voice telling of the Met Office’s new report.

George and I were riveted, appalled, stabbed in the gut by these words.   I was spreading the butter on bread for the children’s sandwiches.  Elsa was pouring herself some juice.   “Shhhhh, ” I said, “Shhhhh, let’s not discuss this where she might hear.”

I am so relaxed about cursing, about discussing sex, about everything really– I don’t have much of  a censor in me.  But I couldn’t let her have this information without it being pre-digested, considered, packaged, explained, sugar-coated.

There is no way to sugar-coat this information to a super-inquisitive eight-year-old.

How to tell the truth about the climate future and all its implications:  one of the major things I’d like to explore…


One Response to ““Four degrees Celcius by the middle of this century””

  1. nicola baird Says:

    I heard that breakfast radio report too and for a moment was paralysed with rage and fear about the delivery. How did those numbers creep up so fast? Most of the rest of the day was lost as I tried to work out small ways we can help people get around without oil in the neighbourhood I live. I nearly set up the lockers and bike racks agitators club for schools (so unsexy but so necessary), using the logic that without a place to hang a wet coat, or store dry shoes and heavy bags the temptation to drive (or beg to be driven) soars. Three emails later at least one secondary school is on the case, although I fear it has become normal not to offer even the tiniest personal space for secondary school kids in England. Apparently Germany and Poland offer lockers, mystifying where such a simple, but essential thing, got given up. Apologies for such a small response to your big question: my answer is to keep on tugging at the strangely fixed daily habits that do nothing to tackle the problem.

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