The Anthropocene Era

The Anthropocene Era.

I am letting  this phrase wash over me.

The giant sweep of magisterial time, the eras of earth’s history so grand and huge they are not really imaginable, human history just a microscopic dot on a macrocosmic scale.   Epochal time.  Time beyond comprehension.

The Rift Valley, the Grand Canyon, mountains oceans land masses evolution fossils coal.


Wood, forests.  The Steam Engine.  Industry.  Modern War.  Oil.

The Anthropocene Era, now.  When the micro that is us impacts the macro that made us and now will make us again just one dot in that sweeping and unknowable history.  I always thought human beings were small in the seeming infinitude, and that was a beautiful, spiritual thing.  It’s all shaken up side down.

Is there a return to nonAnthropocene time after the Anthropocene Era?

The Anthropocene Era.  How do these words make YOU feel?  Let me know, please, I want to know.

One Response to “The Anthropocene Era”

  1. Paul Mason Says:

    A deeply rich post. Thank you for sharing it. I am always awed at the minds of those who can humanise words of the sciences 🙂

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