People Get Ready, There’s a Train a-Comin’

OK, I confess.
When Al Green is about love, I am about love.
When Al Green is about God, I am about God.
Whenever he sings, I am moved.

Tomorrow is Blog Action Day on the theme of Climate Change and, having started two incoherent and depressing pieces, I’ve decided to ditch them.

Instead, I just invite you, having happened upon this page, to close your eyes and open your heart to this performance and imagine it applies to how we human beings are going to respond to the big big problems we’ve created.

This is what I have to offer for tomorrow. Just the wish that we can bring the hugeness of our love along with us on this journey into the pretty frightening unknown.


3 Responses to “People Get Ready, There’s a Train a-Comin’”

  1. lauragates Says:

    Thanks for sharing, I like the writing here, and I love that you ditched the depressing thing and went for the soulful thing! And I also love that someone from the UK discovered my blog and we are now communicating, with those kinds of global connections we WILL change the world!


  2. George Marshall Says:

    I love the idea that the songs that resonate with us about climate change don’t have anything to do wth climate change. We get closest to this issue with metaphors than by being literal.

    Train songs are really appropriate – there’s the runaway trains of the problem and the get on the train of solutions.

    Want my vote for the best all time climate change song:
    The Kinks: CHange in the Weather
    The lyrics are bloody perfect!

  3. George Marshall Says:

    Ok I’m on a roll and then I’ll stop I’ve got two more on the same theme:

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