Something Small Every Day/ Up the Ante

I am going to do at least one act for the climate each day.  This might be: an act to reduce my emissions; to express my concern politically; to spread the word about the urgency of the matter; to help other individuals/institutions do the same.  This act might be about trying to slow the rate of change, or it might be about some thought of planning for the “mitigation” of future effects…  It will take place in my self, in my home, in my community, in my virtual community, in the shop where I sometimes work, and in whatever other realms might emerge as possible for me.

Today, at the Eistedffod in our town, I cornered our MP and asked whether he’d be happy to commit to joining 10:10, and to be quite vocal about this committment.  He asked, what is 10:10 and I was able to say, well, I’ve written you  a letter about that. He said, could I write him another letter to remind him, which I agreed to do, and he said he’d be happy to commit to this figure, and that he’d already begun quite a number of energy efficient renovations in his home. When I write that reminder notice, I am going to ask him if he could also work to up the ante, to encourage his constituency, his office, anyone and everyone in his pervue, to participate as well.  Now, I don’t think 10% is much but it’s something and the 10:10 campaign is working really hard and it exists with a national profile.   I am personally committed and I am trying to get others and one of my workplaces to join in.

Meanwhile, Climate Campers are putting their hearts and souls into shutting down an EON coal fired power plant near Nottingham, and they are doing this believing that the extraordinary nature and danger of climate change requires us to act in ways that might up the ante.  I have never done civil disobedience but I truly deeply admire people who put their bodies on the line.  I think as my passion and concern grows there will be a time in the future when I join them.  There is a higher law than the right of a utility company to burn its coal.

The 24th of October is going to be an International Day of Action for   I’m not sure if local friends have anything in mind for this, but tomorrow’s task is going to be to find out. And if nothing’s going on, to arrange something, however small. It’s easy enough to plug in to larger-scale events that other people have worked hard to organise.

All of us with concern for the climate matter and we must be out there to whatever extent we can working from the bottom up to make our individual lives less damaging, to influence the top to create institutional, policy, and infrastructural change, to create culture change and social change.  So every day, I am going to do something small.  And then try to figure out what is the way that I could up the ante on the effectiveness of that small action.

This is the personal pledge that arose out of a sleepless night.

If you are reading this, please comment with some  of the small things you are doing…  Might give me some ideas on the days when i feel less hopeful or inspired.  Am working on getting our local school more bike and walker friendly.  Am talking with a friend about beginning a project to campaign for reform of rules that inhibit eco-renovation of listed (historical) properties.  Various other stuff am trying to fit into life.  If I don’t feel like I’m doing stuff, the sorrow and the horror sets in…   “Keep Calm and Carry On”– ever my motto!

PS Watch this: “For you it’s a matter of lifestyle, for us it’s a matter of life and death.:


(I had a migraine this morning so if there are weird spellings and diction in here, please forgive.  And… I will figure out how to make all the links live when my brain comes back to me a bit….)


One Response to “Something Small Every Day/ Up the Ante”

  1. Tracey Todhunter Says:

    Hi Annie, have been following the blog, sent George back to Llani today with 10:10 tags to honour your blog action day post. Keep writing, keep thinking, keep doing. Txx

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