A Surprising Thought, To Me at Least

Among the articles I read, some from quite a left and often an ideologically anarchist perspective, there is the view that we have nothing to hope from Copenhagen because, simply, there’s too much collusion between capitalism and the fossil fuel dominated growth economy which is our ruin. Truly, our ruin.

There’s so much truth to this that it’s appealing to take the position that all is lost, the climate scenarios just too grim, state-based governments can’t last many decades longer, and what we need to do is reskill ourselves for The Descent.

I agree that reskilling, gardening, cooking with forage, building, sewing, coppicing, healing, cooperating, music-playing, — all of this, of DIY culture, is good and necessary. And that we need to keep creating the world we want to live in, even as the planet becomes more inhospitable and certainly less predictable. We need to not count on governments and corporations, because we cannot count on them.

But I am feeling like milktoast and hyprocritical and forktongued as they are, speaking simultaneously for the “environment” and for polluting, ransacking business, for the children of the future and for consumers of the present, I can’t give up on them, or on the idea of them.

I’m not actually that interested in political science or discussions about the relationship between individuals and the state. What I am trying to get at is a hope for Copenhagen because I think that without governments we now, given the state of play for how depleted all our “natural” systems are, wouldn’t stand a chance at all. There’s a dark spectre of fascism in the depleted future that scares me more than our current liberal democracies, however unfair and beholden.

Sometimes I actually believe, surprising myself, and maybe it’s some kind of mad wishfulness, that it will be a corporate business probably supported by the state , that will deliver a solution, a miracle, the technofix that i am praying for. I dunno…. How desperate have I become?

Of course, it would have to be a government that was also severely willing to curtail business and its activities as well as initiate and require social change.

(It’s not going to be in the form of carbon trading or metal shavings in the sea…. maybe it will be some kind of carbon sequestration or…. I don’t know what is in the works but we sure as hell need something.)

I am speaking nonsense, I have no idea what point I am making. Are you allowed to do this in a blog?


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