Holding Hands

Once George spoke to a group and did an experiment. I was not there, I saw a video and even from that remove I got chills and goosebumps. My inspiring husband.

This was maybe five years ago, in London. He said, Everyone in this room, hold hands, Hold hands and feel the communion with other people in this room, all of whom believe in climate change and the urgency of our situation. You will go outside and feel everyone else going around business as usual, in dangerous denial. In here, we are a community of people who understand. Feel this as we hold hands, and hold on to this feeling when you go outside this room again.

That was more or less it.

As we get closer to the next Copenhagen meeting, as the evidence and the science has gotten worse (even as the level of non-belief has risen)–maybe there are more of us holding hands in the understanding of what we are all facing– simply: a planetary context that will be very different from the one in which humanity grew up, with a lot more human beings in it. Challenging indeed.

I want my kids to have the memory of being in groups, standing up, standing together for radical change in the way we go about our business and our lives. No more business as usual. As I write there are apparently 4641 groups around the world getting ready for actions/events for October 24th International Day of Action encouraged and organised by 350.org. I love this group, not least because it calls for not just moving ahead slower but moving backward, retrenching to the place we have to go. Which is the only way to move forward.

I understand that this kind of international movement can shift the dialogue, though I don’t know in this case how far that is going to go in time for Copenhagen. I do think if any “leader” is capable of miracles it’s Obama.

But I do know that it’s really important to have moments sharing commonality of belief, as religious people have in their places of worship, and that’s one function and solace of community. And that’s what I am hoping for, for myself, for my children, for my friends, and for the people who I hope will show up tomorrow– an event I’ve planned in our town to coincide with a fair celebrating renewable technologies and good solutions…. 350.org International Day of Action.

Be in touch if you want to come!


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