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Asking for a conversation with YOU

September 24, 2010

I am the Climate, We are Climate Change

I have insistent thoughts that are blocked, don’t move forward. Coming out of the deep need to keep on re-conceptualizing what is happening in the human-mediated natural world we inhabit, this planet… However we’ve been thinking about the climate, communicating the urgency to act and to change—well, our message hasn’t prevailed, is probably losing political ground even as Scary Events and Record Breakings are scarily breaking records.

So: Climate as Other. Climate as not us. Maybe these concepts are the problem, as in:
Climate Change will happen to us. Climate Chaos will destroy Human Civilization. Humans are destroying the climate. Other Humans (not me, not us) are destroying the Climate. I/we subject or object, Climate Change subject or object, but never occupying the same ground.

How do things shift if I see myself as Climate Change. I am Climate Change. This is where I get stuck. If we see ourselves as not subjects of the historical moment, or victims of the historical moment, but … the moment itself?

Help me think this through, tell me what comes up for you reading my semi-raw musings…

Another problematic

Climate porn. I’ve seen this phrase, and just googled it. It refers to the use of graphically scary images used to raise awareness, perhaps shake a little wildly into consciousness, the Ghost of Christmas Future that is, actually, Now. Floods, Fires, Ice Retreat, Storms.

I thought porn was something that riveted people’s attention, not caused them to look away. Oh, maybe they are shy! and that’s why they divert their eyes. So what images allow people to look? Erotica? What would Climate Erotica look like? If not fear and suffering, what would hold people’s attention? And make them believe, and feel, and want to be a part of The Change?

I like to look at joy.